Why Samsung screen repair is so expensive?

Labor Cost is NOT the Reason!

Why is my Samsung screen repair so expensive? No matter which model of Samsung phone, a screen replacement will usually cost more than any other smartphone. Believe it or not, labour cost isn’t what is inflating the price, it’s the replacement component, with the famous AMOLED screen technology.

When we talk about electronics, especially smart devices with LCD screens, China is the world’s mass producer and main manufacturer. Globally tech companies rely on China for their inexpensive production of electronics. Apple, for instance, an American company, relies on China to manufacture its products. Designs are sent to China and finished products are returned for sale. Original products and their parts are considered “OEM” or Original Equipment Manufactured.

Why are mostly only OEM parts available?

You broke your Samsung device and unfortunately, your repair is not covered by insurance. Your only option is to go to a third-party repair service.

Replacement parts for devices including screens, home buttons, volume switches and charging ports can be interchanged with “copy” parts—parts designed to fit and function just as OEM. The repairs made with copy parts are economical; OEM parts come with a greater price tag.

This is where part-sourcing becomes political. Samsung is a South Korean company and doesn’t allow for copy parts to be made in China and exported to the US market. Just as China has control over the LCD market, so does Samsung have complete control over its consumer products.

Your third-party repair service has no cheaper option, no copy part, to repair your phone with. All that is available is expensive OEM. Samsung must be mended with pricey Samsung products.

When purchasing a new phone, it’s not always about the price of the device but the cost of repair as well. Keep that in mind next time you shop for a new smartphone.


Some fundamental questions to ask a repair shop when getting quotes for an iPhone screen repair are …

⚠️ What quality or versions of aftermarket screens are they installing?

⚠️ What kind of warranty do you offer?

At JS Information, from the iPhone X to the new iPhone 14 series, we install SOFT OLED screens only with a 6-month warranty on the part functionality. If a repair shop only gives you 30 days or less with a screen replacement, chances are the quality of their screens is not that good.

What is the difference with aftermarket screen quality you ask? Have a look at the below video which explains the major difference between each screen version. 🔽

– Cheapest
– Bad Viewing Angles
– Poor Picture Quality
– Slightly Larger Bezel
– Thicker Display
– Breaks Easy
– Better Picture Quality than LCD but less than SOFT OLED.
– Larger Bezel
– Best Aftermarket Choice for quality and price
– Perfect Viewing Angles
– Great Picture Quality
– Screen is stronger than HARD OLED.
– Same-size bezel
✅OEM Refurbished:
– Original Quality
– Very expensive $$$
Have a look a the below video for more information on iPhone Aftermarket Screens

Macbook Pro 2011 Disable Bad GPU Fix

Macbook Pro 2011 Disable Bad GPU Fix
(DeMux Flashing)

If you still own an old 2011 Macbook Pro 15”/17” and are experiencing the following symptoms :

⚠️ Random shutdowns and won’t boot back in the operating system.

⚠️ Weird coloured lines running down your screen or fuzzy display colours.

This most likely means your GPU (Graphic Processor Unit) or dedicated graphic card is going bad or is defective. The good news is, we have a solution (Firmware Flash) to make your logic board utilise permanently the internal graphic card (built-in graphics) instead of your dedicated GPU, allowing you to use your Macbook without any issues.

Give us a call or send us a private message if you are interested in this repair or have any questions.

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Call the “Apple Repair Guy” first!

Jason Savoie – Founder, Owner & Technician at JS Information

Call the “Apple Repair Guy” first!

It always makes me laugh when people call me the “Apple Repair Guy”, but I guess it kinda makes sense after having completed a few thousand mobile device repairs (phone, tablets, computers, game consoles) and a few hundred laptops/computer upgrades. When people ask me what I do for a living, I simply tell them that I save lives. 😅

Have you ever been without your phone, tablet, or computer for more than 1 or 2 days in the last 10 years? Seriously, ask yourself this question and answer honestly (vacation time doesn’t count). Depending on which decade you were born, you might be ok without it. But in today’s world, everything revolves around our mobile devices. The personal satisfaction I get from the look on my customer’s faces when they get their repaired devices back is priceless. This is the main reason I love what I do. For most people, a cell phone or tablet is mainly for communication, fun & entertainment, but for many, it’s an indispensable critical business tool required to get the job done and that paycheck.

It’s not always easy being the only employee in your business, having to wear multiple hats at the same time. (technician, secretary, accountant, etc) But, the main reason I love working alone is I can ensure the quality and deadline of my repair services are duplicated each time. When it comes to phone repair specifically, it’s always the same question; “how fast can you get it repaired?” I have customers that can barely wait 30 minutes and are already at my doorsteps. So for some, waiting 2-3 business days to get devices repaired is simply not an option, and that’s where I step in to save the day. 😉

In the last 4-5 years, another popular service in demand I’ve been offering is computer and laptop upgrades, more specifically with Apple products, since they are so expensive to purchase new. A new iMac or Macbook Pro can cost you easily between 2000$-4000$, depending on the specifications you choose when purchasing your device. But the problem is, after a few years only, most users will notice a considerable drop in performance. This lack of performance is mainly because of 2 things: poor quality hardware parts (like regular SATA hard drives and insufficient memory) and finally some major OSX software upgrades demanding optimal hardware resources which are pushed by Apple to users every September. I can assure you, these updates are pushed to your devices mainly to slow down your machines, not necessarily to increase functionality or security with your system like they say it’s for. We live in a consumer world, and like many other businesses out there, they don’t want your product to last forever, they eventually have to sell you something else. Again, this is where I step in and save your bank account, by offering SSD and Memory upgrades options.

Simply put, I love fixing things or making them better if possible, without having to waste money or throw it in the garbage. And in the world we live in today, I think repair businesses are needed more than ever. It’s a matter of reducing pollution and utilizing your devices as much as possible squeezing every dollar invested in them. 🌎❤️
So, not sure if you should get your device repaired or buy a new one? call the “Apple Repair Guy” first! … always here to help and give advice! 😎

Nintendo Switch Repair Service

Nintendo Switch Repair

Headphone Jack / Game Card Reader Replacement

Nintendo Switch Headphone Jack RepairToday we ventured into a Nintendo Switch repair … which had a broken or defective Headphone Jack / Game Card Reader. The customer said they kept hearing static noise while having headphones plugged in, even after trying multiple sets of headphones, the noise did not go away. A quick disassemble to replace the Headphone Jack board and voila, problem fixed! Also took the time to clean the CPU fan and Heat Sink which was full of dirt and dust. 🛠

At JS Information, it’s not just about Cell Phones and Tablets, we offer a wide variety of mobile device repair services, including Gaming Consoles.

Give us a call today for a free quote. 🤓

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In the last couple of years, Apple and other popular brands started to sell their cell phones with a ”Back Glass”, mainly because of the wireless charging functionality. This ”Back Glass” is really easy to break and VERY difficult & expensive to repair (Apple Repair Prices). For some reason, Apple decided to go crazy with the amount of glue used to stick those Back Glass on the back of the iPhone 8 and newer models. Making this repair almost impossible without the help of a new laser machine.

We are proud to announce that we are now officially offering a fast and affordable back glass repair service. 🙂 If you are outside the Greater Moncton area, we do offer a mail-in service. Just need to fill out the form, submit and ship us your phone by mail.

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How to identify your Apple device

As a business, we receive many phone calls and emails everyday. And the most important question we have to ask our customers in order for us to provide them with accurate information or a price quote is …

What’s The Model Number of Your Device?

We noticed over time that most customers don’t know or have this information ready when calling or sending us an email (which is totally normal). So we decide it would be helpful and a major time saver for all of us to explain how to identify your apple device.

In order to identify your Apple device, you need to find your iOS device’s model number.

1. Look In Settings

Go to Settings > General > About. To the right of Model, you’ll see the part number. To see the model number, tap the part number.

2. Look On Your Device

On an iPhone 8 or later, to find the model number, remove the SIM tray and look in the SIM tray slot. Make sure that you’re in a place with bright light overhead. The model number is on the upper side—the side with the display.

On an iPhone 7 or earlier, an iPad, or an iPod touch, find the model number on the back of your device.

For a full list of all iPhones, iPads & iPod Touch models, please visit our Apple Model Identifier page.

Dell XPS L502X Disassembly – Overheating Issues

Dell XPS L502X Disassembly

Had some fun yesterday with a little project that I had been putting a side for too long. I’ve owned a few computers and laptops in the past years, and my Dell XPS L502X is by far the toughest and best laptop I’ve purchased so far (bought new in 2011). This machine was subjected to many difficult environment since it was used as a DJ laptop (clubs, outdoor & indoors events, parties, etc.) and my everyday computer as well. Now I use this laptop mainly for my music and internet browsing, but it’s still powerful and fast enough for much bigger tasks.

Overheating Issues

Overtime, I noticed my CPU fan was always running high, even when the system was idling. And I was also having a few issues with 1 USB port on the back. So I decided to venture into cleaning and replacing the following :

  • USB Port 3.0 IO Circuit Board (replacement)
  • CPU Fan (replacement)
  • CPU & GPU Heatsink (cleaning & applying new thermal paste)
  • And since I was already opening up the laptop, I decided to boost my memory from 8GB to 16GB.🚀

Dust and Melted Thermal Paste

After I’ve successfully disassemble my Dell XPS L502X, I immediately notice the dust on the heatsink and fan, which was expected with a 10 year old laptop. But what really surprised me was the amount of thermal paste remaining on my CPU after removing the CPU/GPU heatsink. 🙀

Almost all the original thermal paste (from Dell) was melted off the CPU Chip, obviously causing my high temps and making my CPU fan running high all the time. 🌡

So here was the repair process in order :
  • replace the CPU fan (since the original one was VERY dirty, and I also wanted to rule out the possibility of a bad or defective fan)
  • I replace my USB I/O board.
  • Cleaned and removed the CPU/GPU heatsink
  • Removed the old CPU/GPU thermal paste and applied new Artic MX-4 thermal paste.
Assemble back the laptop and voilà! … No CPU Fan noise after booting up the laptop. SUCCESS! 🎊

Results & Conclusion

After monitoring my CPU temps, I’ve notice a drop of 15-20 degrees in heat while processor is idling, which is excellent. The new CPU Fan, USB I/O Board are working without any issues and my Memory Upgrade has given the laptop a very noticeable speed boost. 🚀

Got issues with your old PC or MacBook fans running full speed all the time? You might need a new thermal paste job done by JS Information! 😉




iMac 27″ Late 2013 PCIe SSD Upgrade

💥 iMac 27″ Late 2013 SSD Upgrade 💥

Our last SSD upgrade was completed on a late 2013 iMac 27″. This specific model of iMac gave us the possibility to add a PCIe SSD while keeping the original HD inside the iMac for extra storage.

PCIe SSD’s are much faster than regular 2.5inch SATA SSD’s, giving the computer more speed and overall performance. In order to gain access to the PCIe slot, we had to remove the entire motherboard, since the slot is located on the back.

Cloned the old Hard Drive over to the new PCIe SSD and voila, we have a new monster iMac! 😎 Another happy customer!

Your old laptop or computer is not performing well? Give us a call today for a free quote! (506) 878-7445 📞


iMac-late-2013-pcie-ssd-1 iMac-late-2013-pcie-ssd-2
iMac-late-2013-pcie-ssd-3 iMac-late-2013-pcie-ssd-4

iPad 7 Repair Services


Now Offering iPad 7 (10.2″) Repair Services

JS Information now offers the new iPad 7th Gen (10.2″) Screen Repair Services. Not sure what model of iPad you have? Give us a call today and we can help you find out.

Here is what we have to offer :

  • Same day repair (60-90 minutes / iPad screen repair)
  • 90 Day warranty on part functionality and service
  • Best prices in town / Excellent customer service

Call us today for a FREE quote (506) 878-7445 or visit our website at : https://jsinformation.com

Time to get that old broken screen looking good again!