Tablet Repair

Moncton Tablet Repair Services


If you’re in need of a tablet repair in Moncton, you can depend on the experts at JS Information! From the iPad to Microsoft Surface to Samsung Tablets, JS Information fixes tablets of all makes and models. When your tablet is suffering from a cracked screen, bad battery, defective charging port, or another common issue, JS information will bring your device back to life. Send us a message or call today for a free quote or to book an appointment.

iPad Repair Services

At JS Information, we know how important your iPad is to you. That is why we have a professional technician available to perform the repair services you need for any generation of iPad including the iPad Pro, the iPad Mini, iPad Air and even the old iPad 2, 3 and 4. From cracked screens to problems charging and battery issues, JS Information is ready to deliver top-notch iPad repair services.

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Samsung Tablet Repair Services

JS-Information-Samsung-Tablets When your Samsung Galaxy Tablet breaks, it hurts, we understand. We can get you and your tablet up and running in no time, with no hassles. From faulty touch digitizers to defective batteries and broken charging ports to shattered screens, JS Information is here to help! Supporting several models such as Samsung Tab 2 (10.1″), Tab 3 (10.1″), Tab 4 (7″/10.1″), Tab A (8″/9.7″), Tab E (9.6″), Tab S (10.5″), Tab S2 (9.7″) and much more.

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Microsoft Surface Repair Services

JS-Information-Microsoft-Surface-Repair When you are looking for someone to handle your Microsoft Surface Book, Surface Pro 4 or Surface 3 repair, look no further than JS Information in Moncton. Our iFixit Mastertech certified technician is trained to repair a multitude of common Microsoft Surface repairs. From cracked screens, touch display issues to defective charging ports, JS Information is your one-stop-shop for all Microsoft tablet repairs.

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