Why Samsung screen repair is so expensive?

Labor Cost is NOT the Reason!

Why is my Samsung screen repair so expensive? No matter which model of Samsung phone, a screen replacement will usually cost more than any other smartphone. Believe it or not, labour cost isn’t what is inflating the price, it’s the replacement component, with the famous AMOLED screen technology.

When we talk about electronics, especially smart devices with LCD screens, China is the world’s mass producer and main manufacturer. Globally tech companies rely on China for their inexpensive production of electronics. Apple, for instance, an American company, relies on China to manufacture its products. Designs are sent to China and finished products are returned for sale. Original products and their parts are considered “OEM” or Original Equipment Manufactured.

Why are mostly only OEM parts available?

You broke your Samsung device and unfortunately, your repair is not covered by insurance. Your only option is to go to a third-party repair service.

Replacement parts for devices including screens, home buttons, volume switches and charging ports can be interchanged with “copy” parts—parts designed to fit and function just as OEM. The repairs made with copy parts are economical; OEM parts come with a greater price tag.

This is where part-sourcing becomes political. Samsung is a South Korean company and doesn’t allow for copy parts to be made in China and exported to the US market. Just as China has control over the LCD market, so does Samsung have complete control over its consumer products.

Your third-party repair service has no cheaper option, no copy part, to repair your phone with. All that is available is expensive OEM. Samsung must be mended with pricey Samsung products.

When purchasing a new phone, it’s not always about the price of the device but the cost of repair as well. Keep that in mind next time you shop for a new smartphone.