iMac SSD Upgrades and Hinge Repair

iMac Hinge Repair & SSD Upgrade

We had 3 x iMacs 27″ to repair & upgrade with SSD’s last week. One of them had a broken Hinge (foot), which caused the screen to always be tilted forward. This was our first iMac Hinge Repair so far. This is mainly caused by Apple’s super ”Plastic” pieces that holds those massive springs in place, which makes absolutely NO SENSE! 😅 Way to go Apple, very smart.

Added my own custom ”metal” pieces behind the Hinge springs, voilà, problem fixed! For those interested in more information about this issue, please visit : Apple Offering Refunds to Customers Who Paid for iMac Hinge Repairs

2012 iMac Hinge Repair


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