Dangers of inflatable batteries

Caution with lithium ion batteries that are inflated

JS Information would like to advise you to be VERY careful with your mobile devices and the condition of their battery. They often come to us from customers who bring us iPhone, iPad, iPod and computers with inflated batteries. iPhone 5S Swollen Battery Baby CribbThese are very dangerous and can even cause an explosion in case of extreme heat or physical damage.

As you can see in the picture, our last customer with an iPhone 5S with a swollen battery she used as a monitor for her baby. No need to tell you what could have happened. So, here is a little more information about this. Enjoy reading and contact JS Information if you need a battery replacement.

➡️ What is an inflated battery?

Many devices using lithium batteries, such as mobile phones, may contain an inflated battery. There is also no single cause for an inflated battery. Some are due to manufacturing defects, others are due to the age of the battery and others may still be caused by improper use, such as not using the battery properly over time or by the use of a bad charger.

➡️ What to do with an inflated battery?

If you think your device has an inflated battery, start with caution. Drilling a battery, regardless of its state, is incredibly dangerous, but swollen batteries are particularly vulnerable to compromise because their casing is already subject to the stresses of the gases accumulated inside. In short, handle with caution any device that has an inflated battery.

iPhone 5S Swollen Battery 1Then, if your device has a battery that can be removed by the user, you can try to remove it carefully. Note that the inflated battery can make removal difficult. If you encounter any unusual difficulty when removing the battery, stop and follow the tips below for devices equipped with devices that contain non-removable batteries by the user. If, however, you are able to remove the swollen battery, place it in a safe, cool container so that it is not exposed to punctures.

Do not dispose of the battery in the trash or elsewhere. This could seriously affect the health of sanitation workers who may come into contact with the battery as well as the environment. Instead, always dispose of the batteries, whether inflated or not, in an approved center. Many computer repair sites have the necessary equipment and procedures to safely handle inflated batteries.



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